Trusted Resources

Below is a list of my go-to resources.

All things business and inspiration

Getting started (learning the basics)
Steve Chou
Create a Profitable Online Store
* Steve is also a great resource if you’re interested in drop-shipping and sourcing products directly from China.

Store Platform

Website design
Kurt Elster

Store Themes
Anything Kurt Elster from Ethercycle recommends

Self-improvement and mental clarity
(Emotional Freedom Techniques - releasing mental blocks, self-limiting beliefs)
Greg Oldenburg
Emotional Balancing of Lebannon
**works with remote clients**

Sales and money mindset
Ursula Mentjes

Operations and internal structure
Rebekah Hall

Motivation, organization and focus
Todd Herman
90 Day Year
(Todd’s free content is AMAZING! I highly suggest you search YouTube for his podcast interviews. Check out Todd's 'Got Grit?' video. This message changed my life.)

Cardboard Packaging
Pulver Packaging
Chicago, Illinois

Fulfillment Centers
MDS Fulfillment
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* You will want to find a fulfillment center that can pull orders directly from your online store and upload shipping information back into the store. Don’t worry if you’re ‘too small’ for some of the best fulfillment warehouses…you will get there!

Logo/Graphic Designer
Jeff Forrest
Flying Eye Design

Packaging Designer
Christopher Budde
Find him on

Freelance Resources
* It may take you some time to scroll through profiles, but it’s worth it if you can find people like Chris!

Do-it-yourself Design Platforms (create graphics) (edit photos)
* I usually mock up my own packaging and websites before sending them off to the experts so they know exactly what I want.

Virtual Assistant
Contemporary Virtual Assistants

Financial and CFO Advisory Services
Finepoint Consulting

Trademark Attorney
Julie Finch 

Caribou Coffee (the Northern Lite Vanilla Latte is amazing!)

Pitch Night at STORY
(sign up for their emails and follow them on social to find out about Pitch Night)

Book Writing Support
Amanda Johnson - Message and story development
Coach Azul - Publishing and delivery