I’m Abby Lou Walker.

I love the color red,
laugh a bit too loud,
devour all things chocolate;
and believe a great pair of shoes can change your perspective on everything.

I am also the CEO of Vivian Lou
and author of Strap on a Pair.

Learn more about me here.

Strap On a Pair is my raw and humorous account of chance encounters that led me to launch Vivian Lou; trample internal demons; find joyful balance as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur; and ultimately, hit my stride with the help of numerous allies who showed up along the way. I wrote this book to inspire others to take the first step — or the next step — toward finding their something more.

Ok, Abby, so just how does a full-time working mom go about launching an eventual multi-million dollar company? (and by mom, I mean moms, dads, aunts, cousins, grandmas… just about everyone!)

I can’t tell you the right way, but I can tell you my way.
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